Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Book Lovers Christmas Sale.

Giving personally autographed books
for Christmas makes good sense.
Book-giving tells the readers
that you've really put thought into what they might enjoy.
It supports artists and writers
(who often live so far beneath the poverty line
it should be a national embarassment).
Books are easy to wrap, store, hide, and send.
They can be read alone,
or together,
or in groups (and later discussed).
They never go out of style.
And whether you lose or gain, grow taller or shrink,
you're always just the right size for a good read.
Books entertain, illuminate, educate, and help us
to understand ourselves
and the world we live in.

They make smart companions
on the beach, in bed, on park benches,
in staff rooms, or classrooms, on trains
and planes, and in your favourite chair.
Or bathtub.
Books love to travel
but they are just as happy to stay home.
They're a cheap date.
Or they can say to potential dates:
Look at my owner ... she's fun\brilliant\interesting.
Read a good book
and the characters are your friends for life.
Books have no expiry date.
They can be read over and over and over again.
If you think you know someone who has everything,
chances are he or she does not
have a book signed by a local author.
This year, be creative.
Be original.
Give books for Christmas.
And have a merry and mind-expanding holiday.

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