Monday, June 6, 2011


Mostly we run. And we love it. But from time to time, it's refreshing to mix the routine up, as we did a few weekends back.

We cycled about 35K, exploring the extreme NE part of Edmonton's river valley.
(Then we blew all that exercise
on chocolate dipped ice cream cones from the DQ.) 

I was struck by how much it resembled
Saskatoon's north Meewasin Trail.

Cycling is akin to another sport I don't get to enjoy often enough: tennis. I get a different kind of "high" from these activities ... they're both a kind of holiday from long distance running. I've been known to say that any day that includes tennis feels like a holiday.

I do wish Edmonton was more bike friendly. If I ever live in another city (high probablity here), I want it to be welcoming to cyclists. Montreal set the bar high.   

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