Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A few more from Mojacar .... with love.

The food at Fundaction Valparaiso ... loads of fish, calamari in its own ink (above), paella, and several things I couldn't put a name to. I loved it all.

This is Mojacar, again, from a different angle. The photo was taken by the photographer among us, Corrie. I could easily spend a year here.

Happy days on the beach.

And sometimes we sang. There was a guitar and a piano at FV, and we also had a dance night, in which was a riot ... I was doing handstands.

We also had a painting night. I set up a still-life, and four of us painted. My interpretation is below.

I got such a kick out of walking around Mojacar pueblo (two photos below).

Adios, Mojacar. Te amo.

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  1. thanks for posting pics of Kyara hope you had a wonderful time with her.she is a very special girl,I love her so much.R