Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Last stop in Spain: Logrono

I met Sean (Virgo) in Logrono on April 27th. He'd been invited to present at the University of Logrono. Here we are below with scholar Inmaculada Barco, who is doing her doctoral thesis on Sean's work. She is particularly interested in myth, dreams, archetypes, and the 'forest'
in Sean's fiction.

The ice cream? I ate the whole thing.

And here is my city photo for Logrono.

Inma and her husband, Chema, took us to the neaby village of Laguardia, where Chema lived for many years. It's a traditional walled city, high on a hill, with narrow stone streets, and a beautiful parador around the top. One looks out onto fields of grapes, and wineries. This area, La Rioja, is Spain's wine region.

In Logrono, this statue is called Espartero. (The Spartan).

And here's one from our evening walk around Laguardia.
Beneath this bridge in Logrono, a young gypsy caught a large "carpa".
Very typical street in Laguardia. Chema knew almost everyone we met. Then we went for wine (of course) and tapas.

Here is Sean and Inmaculada at the university.
And the four of us. Good times.

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