Sunday, August 1, 2010

Mazatlan #3 (b) - More images from the Isla de Piedra

This little girl (above and below) was working hard ... digging holes for sun umbrellas, etc. She was about 8 years old. And smiling.

White sand beach.

The man with the hats.
And a long shot of Isla De Piedra, before the crowds. The water was ... as perfect as water can be: just a smidge cool, and clear. Reasonable waves if one wanted to ride them. Each time Greg or I went in we really had to force ourselves to return to the beach.

A young hippy family was playing drums while their little girl ran around between them. Some Mexican jovenes (young people) had fun dancing to the music.

(A middle-aged Canadian did a little dancing beside her table, too.)

It was a 2 margaritas + 3 beer day.

And below: my favorite photo of the day. The mariachi's boots.

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