Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunshine Coast Police Blotter (no joke!)

One of the highlights of every Friday is receiving the local newspaper, the Coast Reporter. Below are a few items from the Weekly Police Report.

On October 5, a resident in the 900 block of Gower Point Road reported a suspicious incident after witnessing a small ball of fire descend rapidly from the sky and land in her hedges. Police attended and found the remains of a paper lantern, which is believed to have become airborne once the candle inside had warmed the air inside. Due to recent rains, the hedge did not catch fire. It is unknown where the lantern came from.

Overnight on Oct. 10, a thief gained entry into two unlocked vehicles in the 1200 block of Grandview Road. The vehicle was rifled through, but nothing was stolen. [Shell`s note: no theft = no thief]

Overnight on Oct. 10, a thief gained entry into an unlocked vehicle in the 1200 blck of Sunnyside Road and rifled through the contents and stole a watermelon. The thief appears to have had a knife as slices of watermelon were found on the driveway.

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