Sunday, August 25, 2013

Summer Photos: People

Greg and I raise a glass in my brother's memory
at the Zlaty Andel hotel in Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic.
Kirby saw much of the world. He loved this town, and stayed at this hotel.
The best thing about travelling is not the new vistas, navigating through different languages and cultures, taking time off from everyday life, or trying new-to-me foods. Hands down, what I enjoy most about travelling is people. Making new friends, reconnecting with old ones, people-watching in parks and cafes.  

I am comfortable with strangers, you see. Indeed, sometimes it seems I am my best me among them. It has always been this way.

Below, please find images of some of the people -- known and unknown -- who made our European experience richer (or, in the case of the "Did you drop this ring?" gypsy scammers in Paris, at least more interesting!). 
Alain and Chulita (our home exchange partners).

My Swiss sister-in-law, Susanna.

THE Rick Steves!

Czech woman who guided us through the metro system in Prague.

Street dancers in Paris.

Striking Swiss Air employees in Basel.

First time cycling tour guide, Vladimir (on the right), in Prague.

"Did you drop this ring?" gypsy scam in progress, Paris.

French gentlemen in a Paris cafe.

Still photo, see above.

Same scam, possibly the same woman, different day. (Paris, near the Musee d'Orsay).

Beate, in the Black Forest.
Sigrun, in Salema, Portugal (day of the long hike).

Daniel, in the Black Forest.
Newlyweds (in front of the Museum of Torture)
on Segways in Cesky Krumlov.

Rafters, Cesky Krumlov.

Plant waterer, Prague.

Bride, Paris.

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