Monday, September 3, 2012

The Eyes Have It.

I have been sporting glasses and \ or contacts since I was 10 \ 15.

Age 13, Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan

With my many siblings in Wilkie, Saskatchewan. I am on the couch, far left, age 10.
I am adept at popping contact lenses into my mouth for lubrication; changing them on wind-blown beaches; removing or inserting them whilst driving; combing them out of shag carpets; releasing tub water and picking my contacts out of drains; and spying them when they fall during insertion and stick to cupboard doors, or socks.

I had been thinking about having Lasik eye surgery for a good decade. This summer I determined that when I returned to Edmonton I would look into it. Well, I'm a doer, not a talker ... I've been back in the city just a few days and I've already had the surgery.

Good-bye terribly expensive glasses. Farewell Opti-Free Express contact lens solution I've been hauling around like other people pack water. So long contact lenses which were no longer that comfortable, anyway (maybe because I didn't believe in wearing them for just the single "month" one is supposed to?).


-You can have a Lasik consultation one day, and surgery the next.

-It was far more expensive than I expected. Triple what I expected.

-The coffee maker at the clinic was "down" the day of my surgery. Damn. I had so been looking forward to my $3400.00 cup of coffee

-It is briefly uncomfortable, but I experienced no pain during or after surgery.

-The combination of two Tylenols and Xanax make for a lovely, 2-hour, post-surgery nap.

-One can get used to eye drops. Lots and lots of eye drops.

-The funky sunglasses you must wear (even to bed for the first two tnights) are not half bad. I would wear them anywhere.

-I see well out of my right eye, the left eye is coming. I have a 20\20 "committment" from MD Lasik.  

-I will still need reading glasses.
My surgery was Friday. I listened to many CBC Radio "Writers and Company" episodes while recuperating. Yesterday (Sunday), I was able to watch television. How apropos that the movie I tuned into was "Blindness," based on one of my favourite books (of the same name, by Jose Saramago). It happens to star my favourite young-ish actor, Mark Ruffalo.  

More facts (including the extremely trivial):

-I have not had the euphoric "I can see without glasses!" moment.

-I cannot run yet, nor swim.

-Immediately after surgery (while waiting for Greg to pick me up), I ate a bag of Miss Vickies Salt and Vinegar chips, as a reward.

-I bought new earrings and had bangs cut, just because.

Am I happy I've done this? Mais oui! Now, if only someone would buy my "Fantastic place at the Lake!" (see previous post) ...

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