Monday, April 13, 2009

Just another day in Spain.

We get the rental car horribly stuck (and almost go off a metre-plus drop). Hagit and Jane flag down passersby on the highway, and with the help of 12 Spaniards, the car is lifted and we carry on. FV resdient Corrie is on the far right.
This is another photo from Murcia ... Santa Semana procesion, which went on for hours.
My favourite place in Mojacar Playa is "Babel" ... a restaurant\bar (building behind ... you can also sit on the beach), where the staff are now people I call friends. I'm here with Hagit, an Israeli playwright.
Jane and I on our road trip to Cartagena, Murcia, just before we got the rental car horribly stuck.
Hagit and I in the back seat of Sven and Charlotte's Saab convertible. We cruised along the Mediterranean on the cliff-hugging roads, feeling like Sophia Loren. Spectacular day.

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